Why I Started my Small Business | behind the curl creatives

Have you ever had a hobby that you never thought would be something you could start selling back in the day, that it would be something that other people love too & would be something you would dream about making full-time one day?

Hi, I'm Cass & that person was me. No matter who you ask, I have always been that person who has had a creative side, but if you asked me as a child who loves colouring, I would have my own small business with products I created myself. I would have told you; you are crazy."

Fast forward to the summer of 2020, I had a network with someone who ended up drawing a digital portrait drawing for me, and I was amazed. I ended up saying to myself, "How can I do this?, What do I need? and is this something I can teach myself to do?" Well, take a few steps to November 2020, and well, I said, "Yes, I can do this; I found what I needed (an iPad, pencil & Procreate), and yes, this is 100% something I can do."

To be more specific, November 18th 2020 and well BEHIND THE CURL CREATIVES was born. My passions were out in front of the world, I was not only creating for friends & family but I was created for all; how I like to say it "MY NEW FRIENDS!!"

When I realized my hobbies could be more, the fun began, the more I wanted to create & the more creative I wanted to be. I knew if I wanted to make this something that I wanted to develop on-trend items, but were items I would use, things that would be an extension of me & items that could be used daily.

I wanted to be a business that could inspire, provide & support.

I wanted to be a business that offered items that were extensions of me & who I am.

I wanted to be a business owner who wasn't afraid to be me.

behind the curl creatives is the business I was meant to have, meant to create for, and in the end, it was just meant to be.

Follow me along on this small business journey as I create, reach new goals and grow both personally & as a business.

Until next blog | Bye Friends!

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