The Struggles of Running a Small Business

Hi friends! Please do not take this blog post as me complaining because I love running my small business, but I want to be transparent; running a small business is not easy and does have its ups and downs.

behind the curl creatives have been in business for one whole year (wow, I can't believe this), but over this last year, I have grown, learned, and experienced so much.

Now enough about this; let's get into the blog post - "The Struggles" I have experienced while running a small business.

The Struggles:

1 | Just starting: behind the curl creatives began because I wanted to add something to my professional tool belt but little did I know I could turn that into a business. Did I think a year ago I would be here now? No, because at first, I did not know where to begin. I didn't know or think people would like the drawings I was creating and honestly did not know how to run a small business. Am I happy I started? 1000% yes, and if I can advise anyone thinking about starting a small business, do it. You will learn as you go; make sure you research the necessaries, but START!

2 | Not knowing how much to order: I think this explains itself. I think any small business owner has gone through this at some point in their small business journey, and honestly, I am still going through this. When thinking about launching new products, something that goes through my mind is "how much do I order" "is this too much" "is this not enough". I have learned that (and starting to implement) ordering a smaller amount isn't a bad thing because offering a restock or re-order can help you bring people back to your website.

3 | Comparing yourself to other people or small businesses: This struggle has been a MASSIVE STRUGGLE my whole small business journey because it's so easy to see other people and business owners on social media being successful, and I wonder to myself, "What am I doing wrong", "Why is my business growing so slow, "Why have I not blown up on social media like them" and there is no answer to that. I have started to tell myself that things happen for a reason. My small business journey is unique is not supposed to be the same as others, and as long as my small business makes me happy - that's all that matters. My company has its journey, and one day (because I am manifesting it) will blow up, be successful, and make people happy with my products.

4 | Growing on social media: Like the struggle above, I have struggled "blowing up" on social media, but having a successful business doesn't mean having thousands of followers on social media. I mean, does that help, of course. I need to understand that whoever wants to purchase something will purchase and that all my hard work will and has paid off because I am still running; I still get orders (even if it's 1 or 2 a week), but the biggest thing is, I am going to keep working hard because this is what I love and my dream will come true. 

I am very excited to look back on this blog post in 2, 3 or even six months from now and see how "my struggles" have changed.

If you take one thing away from this - know you are not alone; you are not the only one "struggling", and you will get through this. Just keep working hard, manifesting those goals because they will come true. 



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