Our Story

Hi friends!

Welcome to behind the curl creatives. I'm happy you are here. I'm Cass, a (somewhat) small town girl who is fuelled by Chai Tea Lattes, stickers, cards and anything creative you can think of.

I am a small business owner who works full-time as a marketing coordinator, but loves the idea of being her own boss, making her own hours, learning to do by doing, creating and making new friends. 

behind the curl creatives is a small business that wants to provide, to inspire and to support.

TO PROVIDE: products and a service that not only represents me (Cass) but that provides a use in buyers life. From cute AF decorative, meaningful and inspirational stickers, cute AF event & general greeting cards, custom made digital portrait drawings, useful, everyday notepads and so much more. Everything is made with the mind set of "Can someone use this, look at this and love this on a daily basis?"

TO INSPIRE: each and every one of you who visits my website & social media platforms. behind the curl creatives is a small business because someone inspired me, so why not keep that train rolling. Each product means something to me or has inspired me, from the design of the sticker to the quote chosen on the card to the weekly posts on social media. 

TO SUPPORT: not just everyone who visits my website, but to keep supporting each small business and small business owner like me. We all have dreams, and each purchase, like, comment or share on social media helps those dreams comes true. If I can help one small business reach their weekly goal, their monthly goal, etc, I will keep doing it because I know someone out there will do that for me.

With that being said - Hi guys, I'm Cass - the brains/ the creator of behind the curl creatives. I started behind the curl creatives because I saw a trend on Twitter and thought to myself "Is this something I can do?", "How do I do that?", "Could this be something I just do for fun or could this be something people want and would be willing to buy?" and well here we are.

behind the curl creatives started in November 2020 with just offering our digital portrait drawing (1 person, 2 person & 3+ person drawings). While enjoying the journey on Procreate, I thought to myself "Can I expand my product offering and what would/ could I make?" and then came my stickers.

This journey has taken me to expand a few more times, to greeting cards, custom face-masks and I don't plan on stopping there. MORE TO COME SOON!!

If you remember 2 things while on my website:

1) All support is welcome - whether a like, comment, share on social media, word of month or a purchase, all makes me smile and helps my dreams come true.

2) If you don't find something you like, doesn't mean someone you know might not, but even then feedback is always welcomes so we can provide something for everyone.

Anyway, welcome to behind the curl creatives. Join me on this small business journey & let's be friends.

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