2022: 10 Small Business Goals for the year

Peace out 2021 | Hello 2022!

2021 was a year. 2021 was a year of growth. 2021 was a year of lots of learning. As I sit here on the first day of 2022, I think about last year, what went well, what I could improve on, and I AM SO EXCITED for what 2022 will bring; personally, professionally & of course, for behind the curl creatives.

I want 2022 to be a year of goal setting, manifesting, routines, growth, success, new friends and smiles! So here I am on day one of the new Year, setting myself up for a successful year, so here are my ten small business goals.

10 Small Business Goals for 2022:

  1. I will reach 2,000 followers on Instagram & TikTok by December 31st 2022.
  2. I will reach a total of 2,500 sales on my website by December 31st 2022.
  3. I will have a consistent social media plan, content & branding strategy.
  4. I will continue to create useable products that can be used every day that are CUTE AF.
  5. I will create two themed launches with 3-5 different items/ designs.
  6. I will set asides time for me to have "me time". Allowing me to focus on myself and grow personally to better perform for you all.
  7. I will redesign my website to better reflect me as a person, my business and my vision.
  8. I will be more active on Instagram stories. Showcasing more behind the scenes, offering more interactive content, making Instagram sales, etc.
  9. I will start sending out newsletters (weekly, monthly, pre-launch)
  10. I will sell out of at least one item during a launch.

2022 is the Year of manifesting for me as a small business owner. I wrote my goals in the form of "I will" because I am determined. I see this as a way to keep me on track, keep me moving forward, and I KNOW I will reach them!

Once again, I want to thank everyone for a successful 2021 year, but I am even more excited for what 2022 has to offer!

Follow me along on this journey:

Instagram: @behindthecurlcreatives 

TikTok: @behindthecurlcreatives 

Facebook: behind the curl creatives 

Website: www.behindthecurlcreativesstudio.ca

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